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          Kimberly K. Hoang

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          Fostering teaching, learning and discussion about gender and sexuality at the University of Chicago…


          5733 S. University Ave.

          The Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality at the University of Chicago was established in 1996, after a decade of faculty and student self-organization. It now consolidates work on gender and sexuality, and in feminist, gay and lesbian, and queer studies.

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          Our building is wheelchair accessible via a ramp in front of the building on University Avenue. There are automatic doors with push pads at the front entrances of the building. The building is equipped with three gender-neutral restrooms; the first floor restroom is ADA accessible and equipped with an automatic door and push pad.

          For any other questions about access accommodations, please email



          The CSGS is proud to present the Class of 2020! Graduating this Spring and Summer are Gender and Sexuality Studies majors 海豚加速器破解版手机, Maddy Birmingham, Deimy Chavez, Apoorva Krishnan, Brooke Nagler, Ramona Pfaender, 海豚加速器白金破解版, and Mo Rodriguez Cruz. To learn more about fantastic the work that our majors completed this year, please visit our GNSE Class of 2020 BA Showcase.

          We would also like to congratulate our graduating minors Larry Coldon, Katriona Guthrie-Honea, Daniel Hartman, Madison Johnson and Emily Lynch.

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          We are pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2020 Ruth Murray Essay Prize is Gender and Sexuality Studies and Linguistics major Deimy Yolanda Chavez Oropeza for her memoir/essay “Drawn to the Blood.” Reviewers noted that Deimy's "brilliant and searching" essay "translates the flesh of the world of internal thought and external encounter into an experience of critical method at its most powerful and autobiography at its most tender and alive." Congratulations Deimy!

          Our reviewers also selected two honorable mentions: Sophia Vale’s “Gender, Violence, and Protest: The Ni Una Menos Movement in Argentina"and Alexis Wolf’s “As Eve, So All Women: Patriarchal Biases in Interpretations of Genesis 2-3." Kudos for your excellent work!


          We are excited to announce the fantastic array of recently published books by our faculty affiliates. Our books this year cover a wide selection of fields, including art history, critical race studies, education, fiction, history, literary criticism, musicology, philosophy, and political theory. To showcase this immense and diverse talent, we are launching a new website that features all of the books alongside links to “extras,” such as op-eds, interviews, and podcasts with the authors. We encourage you to browse this well-stocked “bookshelf” and to engage with the authors about their work on social media until we can all meet again in person.

          You can find the website at

          Please join us in congratulating our faculty affiliates for their accomplishments this year! 

          Spring 2020 Update

          With the latest measures from the university administration moving classes online and closing parts of campus, the CSGS has canceled all events planned for the spring quarter and our building is closed. We hope to reschedule many of these events in the fall or next academic year. In-person meetings, events or gatherings will not be scheduled at the Center until further notice.

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          Questions or concerns for the CSGS should be directed to

          We encourage you to take care of yourselves and each other. Information and regular updates may be found on the university’s 海豚加速器破解版2021.

          CSGS Alum Wins Cultural Horizons Prize

          Former CSGS Dissertation Fellow Sarah Luna was awarded the 2019 Cultural Horizons Prize by the Society for Cultural Anthropology for her article, “Affective Atmospheres of Terror on the Mexico–U.S. Border.” The jurors praised the article as “a beautifully written ethnography of how rumors of violence shaped affective atmospheres of terror, very much grounded in the individual lives of Luna’s interlocutors.”

          Sarah Luna was a James C. Hormel Dissertation Fellow at the CSGS from 2011-2012; currently she is and Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Tufts University.


          Did you know?

          All UChicago college students have the opportunity to learn about the fundamental importance of gender and sexuality as analytic categories as part of their general education requirement teaching the introduction to the tools of inquiry used in every discipline. The CSGS offers several sections of a two-quarter civilization sequence taught by our faculty based in a variety of disciplines. Read more about Gender and Sexuality in World Civilizations.

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